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We are the Ilkin Vitray, a place where we can help the world to design a life full of meaning while helping people with doing what we all love, making your company more professional, and better looking.

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We at Ilkin Vitray care much about the looks of things around us. Therefore we have chosen our logo based on the main principles that keep us going. We want our logo to represent us as a visual entity that signifies us as a world organization.

Improving the world

Ilkin Vitray has come to an astonishing information that only 28% of worldwide consumers have an opinion that companies are trying to improve this world.

Working for themselves

64% of those consumers strongly believe that companies are only working for themselves.

No one cares

No one would care if 70% of brands would disappear in near future.


We can teach you how to fundamentally and visualy reconnect with your surroundings.

Collective heritage

The second most important fact is our collective heritage

Better future

We tend to create a better future.


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Chiquita Y.

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Lyndsey Y.

“I didn’t even need training. Great job, I will definitely be ordering again! I use logo design often. Logo design was worth a fortune to my company.”

Shawnee M.